Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Chord of Love - Ram Dass

The Chord of Love - Ram Dass

The Chord Of Love features readings from mystical eastern poetry and spiritual insights by acclaimed teacher, lecturer and best selling author Ram Dass and Bhakti yoga devotional singing by the group Amazing Grace (featuring Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Diana Rogers and others). Background accompaniment is performed on a host of traditional eastern instruments including harmonium, dotar and tablas. The readings and music create a relaxed atmosphere lulling the listener into a harmonious sound environment. MP3 format.

1. Prayer To Hanuman
2. Reading I
3. Govinda Jai Jai
4. Shri Krishna Govinda
5. Reading 2
6. Ram Bolo
7. Om Namah Shivaya
8. Sita Ram
9. Reading 3 Ramayana
10. Sita Ram
11. Narayana
12. Reading 4
13. Devi Puja-Jai Jagatambe
14. Jai Bhagavan
15. Meditation

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