Thursday, February 12, 2009

Women of the Way - Sallie Tisdale

Women of the Way - Sallie Tisdale

When Tisdale began practicing Zen Buddhism 25 years ago, she had no sense of sexism within the religion. Years later, however, she realized not only that women were excluded, particularly from monastic life, but also that the huge body of Buddhist literature was written about men, by men, and for men. Women's experience as Buddhists, therefore, needed to be recorded and their history reclaimed. Through extensive research, Tisdale discovered numerous influential female Buddhists who had been recognized in their time but excluded from the written record, so she made it her mission to restore a lineage of women Buddhists and developed this beautifully crafted volume. Tisdale's personal experience and thorough study of Buddhist literature enabled her to recast stories and historical accounts as engaging and accessible portraits. Although her intention initially was to highlight women's contributions to Buddhism, the universal wisdom and enlightened thinking preserved in this collection transcend gender.


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